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- Pet microchipping from our experts

- Quick and simple process

- Easily track your pet's location

- Friendly service

- All staff are Qualified Level 2 OCN in Microchipping

Better safe than sorry

At Wags we understand just how important your pet and their well being is to you, give them the best care they deserve with the pet microchipping service available from our professional team.

It's every pet owner's worst nightmare for their pet to go missing, put safety first by getting your cat or dog microchipped with us. Along with pet microchipping being a safe and sensible option, it will be soon compulsory for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped.


Our microchipping service is quick and hassle-free. A chip roughly the same size as a grain of rice is implanted under your pet's skin, typically around the neck area. This chip can be scanned and your pet's unique information is registered and then tracked on a nationwide database. Make an appointment with us by visiting our contact page.

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