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Just a couple of our stories

Animals are well and truly our passion at Wags and we do whatever we can to help an animal in distress or in need of help. Our animal rescue team is headed up by Alison and Tracy who foster and rehabilitate animals voluntarily from their own homes. Our animal rescue service and animal re-homing is all funded personally but we do work with local animal organisations if they require help.

- Animal rescue

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- Never ignore a mistreated animal or animal in need of help

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Alison and Tracy have been rescuing animals all their lives including Reuben a Spaniel they brought back from Corfu a few years ago and more recently 3 kittens were rescued from Malta where all 3 would certainly have died from Cat Flu.

Emily and her kittens were discovered by the Pest Control Officer and Diageo’s factory and by the time she was picked up poor Emily was pregnant again. She stayed with Tracy for a couple of months until the kittens were all old enough to leave and Emily was neutered and happily re-homed with one of her kittens.


Archie was picked up from Thompson’s Mill and was not able to walk properly and held his head with a severe tilt. He received lots of Reiki healing and massage and he now happily accepts any cuddles coming his way and can hop off a double bed for his dinner with no trouble at all.

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Do you know of an animal in need of help? Call us urgently on: